A collaborative Shibori workshop between Birmingham City University (BCU) (Elizabeth Burton as a leading person) and Kirinyaga University in Kenya (Dr Sophia N. Njeru as a key collaborator) was organised remotely on 16 January 2024. The Shibori presentation was delivered by Elizabeth and her student, Emily Brookes (BA Fashion Design student at BCU). Elizabeth said, “It [the workshop] went very well. I loved having my level 5 student Emily with us.” Sophia said, “It was great having Elizabeth and Emily. We were really inspired, and challenged with the presentation.” After the online workshop, Sophia organised a hands-on Shibori workshop with her students in person on 29 January 2024. Sophia’s students created beautiful Shibori fabrics and clothes as seen below. This was one of the collaborative projects with the seed funding (£500) within the umbrella project, International Upcycling Research Network. The success of this collaborative project shows that we partially met our first medium-to-long-term objective (i.e., generating and developing new cross-industry, multidisciplinary, international collaborative research projects and initiatives).