Advisory Board Meeting 1 (07/06/2022): presentation slides

Project Kick-Off Meeting (01&04/07/2022): presentation slides / video

Advisory Board Meeting 2 (10/02/2023): presentation slides

Joint research / festival contribution discussion meeting (21&25/04/2023): meeting videos available on demand

Research meetings at Lund University, Sweden (09&10/06/2023): description and photos

Advisory Board Meeting 3 (01/08/2023): presentation slides

Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) study on global challenges/opportunities for upcycling

Selecting top six global challenges and opportunities for scaling up upcycling businesses (26/07/2022-04/08/2022): online questionniare

ISM workshop online (15&20/09/2022): workshop information

ISM workshop offline (02/06/2023): workshop description and photos

British Science Festival (BSF)

Upcycling Station (16/09/2022): event photos and videos

Delphi study on meaning of upcycling in relation to circular economy

Online questionniare:


Upcycling in Africa (08&22/09/2022): presentation schedules, abstracts and videos

Upcycling in Asia (24/10/2022): presentation schedule, abstracts and videos

Upcycling in Americas (07/11/2022): presentation schedule, abstracts and videos

Upcycling in Australia and Europe (17&19/01/2023): presentation schedule, abstracts and videos

UK networking event

UK Upcycling Networking (24/02/2023): event description and photos

Invited seminar by The Responsible Design Research Group at Loughborough University 

My 10 years of research on sustainable production and consumption by upcycling (26/04/2023): presentation slides

International Upcycling Festival (11-12/04/2024)