Monday 12th of December 2022 (chair/facilitator: Prof Richie Moalosi)

08.00-08.10 UK time Opening
08.10-08.40 UK time (19.10-19.40 Australia time) 01. Presentation by Dr Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran (20 mins) + Q&A and discussion on potential future collaboration (10 mins)
08.40-09.10 UK time (19.40-20.10 Australia time) 02. Presentation by Dr Ricarda Bigolin (20 mins) + Q&A/discussion (10 mins)
09.10-09.20 UK time Closing

01. Pulp and rag paper for upcycling

Dr Daphne Mohajer va Pesaran, RMIT University, Australia 

This presentation examines rag paper making as a a method for upcycling.